Thursday, June 28, 2012

Call for Presenters: PK-sf v.51

Theme: "E|Motion"

Designers, animators, filmakers, architects and everyone else, PK-sf invites you to explore this theme with the option to incorporate up to 10 video or animated clips into your 20-slide presentations. The clips may be distributed in any order you wish, but may NOT aggregated into longer continuous segments. Within each 20-second clip, they may have internals cuts & edits. Being Pecha Kucha, the 20-slide format will be strictly enforced. Non-complying submissions will be returned.

We will post links to online tutorials for capturing video content from the internet.

Contact us at "pechakucha.sf at gmail dot com" for submission requirements.

Pecha Kucha-Sf v51 will be a pre-launch evening in anticipation of the September's 2012 Architecture in the City Festival. The theme for this year's festival is "DESIGN: It's about Time."

When: August 28th, 6:30PMWhere: SPUR on MissionHow much: Free with PK-password "Move me."