Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PK-sf#52 - "Off Leash" in Dogpatch

Join us for our first event Co-hosted by one of San Francisco's many great neighborhoods: Dogpatch.  Check out the very cool things going on in Dogpatch, September 28th. Gonna be some fun - OFF LEASH!  

September 28th, 6:30PM at the Wineworks, 2455 3rd Street at 22nd street.

A great line-up is in store:

  1. David Fletcher, Fletcher Studio
  2. EB Min, Min|Day Studio
  3. Jason & Nataly, Future Cities Lab
  4. Meg Aihara from Andie Cocharan Landscape Achitecture
  5. Jerry Kung, glassblower, former technical director at Public Glass
  6. Mimi Moncier, Artist, owner/teacher Giggling Lotus yoga studio
  7. Alan Lewis, Hargreaves Associates
  8. Villy Wang, President and CEO of Baycat
  9. Brian Krieger, Co-Founder, Pocobor
  10. more to come...