Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pecha Kucha Night SF - #48 "CHAOS"

Happy New Year! We're all set (almost) for a great kick-off of 2012 coming up on January 24th. The Mayan calendar seems to suggest this year will be the last, so what better way to kick off the year than to dive into the boundless possibilites of CHAOS?

  1. Harley Dubois, Burning Man, Founder
  2. Nicholas deMonchaux, Urban Designer, Professor, UC Berkeley
  3. Jeffrey Tumlin, transportation planner
  4. James Tracy, author of Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times
  5. Yoko Kumano and Kayoko Akabori Journalists reporting on Japan & the impacts of radiation on food systems following the .March 2011 tsunami and Fukushima Nuclear plant disaster.
  6. Tal Klement - public defender, SF criminal justice system
  7. Marc Babsin - was in Tehran during the 2009 uprising
  8. Morgan Fitzgibbons of the Wigg Party –on the wiggle
  9. OtherLAB – flexible robots in Potrero & more

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